Monday, March 13, 2017

Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke - 2 - Catching Spree

Last time, I made it up to getting a Pokédex and Pokéballs. Let's see where we get this time!
Badges: 0
Current Location: Littleroot Town

Even more free stuff?!
Running shoes? Why can't I just run with my current shoes...?
Maybe they're high-heels? Oh well. I can move faster now!

I headed up last time, so I guess I'll head this way.

Better look around here for some Pokémon~

 Great! My first catch!

Oh, I forgot to look down here.
Wonder what I'll find.

A Wurmple! Cool!

And a Zigzagoon, too!
 My team's really shaping up now! Time for some training!

The first casualty. Goodnight, sweet Flower.

Maybe it's time for some trainer battles now.

Alright! Go, Dan! You can do it!

Yeah! We won our first real battle!

Berry plants everywhere! Free stuff is the best.

Looks like I finally made it to Petalburg.
I wonder if my dad's finished setting up his gym?

Here it is. Guess it's time to head inside.

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