Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tamagotchi Keitai Log

I started up my Keitai. Named her Aria! She took a nap during my Chinese class. Guess she didn't find it all that exciting.

Well, she evolved, and just in time for my visual communication class. A cute Hitodetchi! It's cute to see her blowing bubbles with the gum snack.

Hm, what to drink? Looks like they just got some watermelon juice in!


 Aria evolved into a Ringotchi today! She also managed to stay awake through all of my Chinese class this time. Maybe she can appreciate it more now that she's older.

I had a long car ride later that afternoon. Aria wasn't too happy about that.

Time to brush our teeth before bed. Goodnight, Aria!


Time for some spring cleaning! Let's go, Aria!

After cleaning, she evolved into a cute Memetchi! Yay, Memetchi!

We played some D&D later, and I even got a new dice bag! Complete with tentacles! Aria seems pretty happy with the choice, too.


I got a new miniature for my D&D character! Aria really likes it!

Looks likes it's time to make the bed.

Since I got some stuff for me, I got a comic book for Aria to read, too. She seems to really like it!


One of my friends gave me a cute Foxy plushie. Aria fits there just right!

I've got to study for my final exams, and it's raining outside, so Aria's passing the time with a hot bath!


The Matchmaker came today!  And the partner she brought was...

Another cute Memetchi!

Aria seems pretty happy with the choice!

Together, they had a cute baby girl.

Goodnight, little 'Gotchis!


It finally came time for Aria to go back to the Tamagotchi Planet. She looked on sadly at her baby for a little while before leaving. It's sad they get so little time together.

The new baby woke up to find her mom gone, and started to cry. It's okay! I'll take good care of you!

I decided to name her Ai because it means love in Japanese, and it's one of the few words I can remember how to spell in hiragana. After some games and food, she cheered up a lot, and soon evolved into Kuribotchi!


Today, Ai evolved into Young Mametchi! Just in time for my final math exam.

She even helped me play some Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2.


Birthday celebration! Yay! My friends made me a cake...

And got me a fruit tart...

And some cute presents! A Masterball plush, and a Funtime Foxy figure! Yay!

Ai seemed particularly fond of Foxy.


Ai evolved into Dorotchi just before my Sunday game of Dungeons and Dragons! Yay!


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