Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tamagotchi Profiles: Angelgotchi


A ghost character that appears when a Tamagotchi dies. It acts as the 'egg' stage for Japanese Angelgotchis.


The ending-screen from the English P1 and P2 Tamagotchis. It also acts as the 'egg' stage for the English Tamagotchi Angel.

Ghost Jr.

A young angel Tamagotchi. It hasn't matured yet, and still looks like a ghost. It sometimes takes rides on the shoulders of people it likes.


Still a child, this Angelgotchi sometimes displays childish behaviors. It uses its newly-grown wings to make shadow puppets for entertaining other angels.


A teen-stage Angelgotchi. It's vibrant and moves around quickly, but sometimes tries to get away with too much. It prefers eating riceballs to pies.


An Angelgtochi teen that looks like an octopus. It's normally pretty calm, but it's really hard to calm it down once it gets upset.

It likes to crawl inside pots, just like in its old life.


This adult Angelgotchi can often be found chasing Devilgotchi from the Angel Capital. She escorts spirits back home to the Angel Capital, and wields a bow and arrow.

One of the most coveted Angelgotchi characters!


An adult Angelgotchi that looks a lot like it did in its previous life. He wants people to remember him fondly when they look at him.  He likes to play games.


An adult Angelgotchi with a large, cute head. It wants to be able to wear turtleneck sweaters. It has a hard time finding hats that fit, but it likes collecting them anyway.


A familiar-looking adult Angelgotchi. He doesn't take many baths, but still smells like vanilla! He's a romantic, and likes to read philosophy.


An adult Angelgotchi. He doesn't seem to like the sweet foods from the Angel Capital and still wants to drink sake. Because of this, he has a hard time fitting in with the other Angelgotchi.

Twin Angels

Secret Angelgotchi characters. They can always be found in prayer. Their prayers give life to the world. They are enemies with the Twin Devils. They were the first twin-type character to be featured on the Tamagotchi toy.

Cactus Angel

A secret character on the Japanese Angelgotchi. It's really quiet and doesn't really move around much. It tries to intimidate people who look it in the eyes, though.

Smiling Angel

A secret character on the English Tamagotchi Angel. Not a lot of information on it is available, but it seems a lot like the Cactus Angel.

Shogun Angel

A secret character on the Angelgotchi. He puts on a brave face, but is actually very timid. He's friends with Girl Deviltchi. He doesn't have a halo like the other angels.

Lucky Unchi-Kun

A secret character on the Angelgotchi. He may or may not have a face, depending on how you obtain him. It's made of gold and stardust! It's said to bring good luck to people who see it.


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