Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tamagotchi Profiles: P1


He's needy, like other baby Tamagotchis. He also made an appearance on the Tamagotchi Connection V1 as the male baby. His 'counterpart' is ShiroBabytchi.


A child character. She enjoys rolling around thanks to her round shape, and is a bit spoiled.

She would later appear on the Tamagotchi Connection V1 and the Tamagotchi Plus as one of the child characters, as well as the Mini, Chibi, and 15th Anniversary iD L.


A teen character on the P1, but was made a child character in later releases. He's active and well-behaved, but also talkative and curious. His birthday is April 1.


Another Teen character from the P1 who was also made a child in later releases. He would also appear on the Tamagotchi Connection V3, V4.5, and the V6.

He's mischievous, but also kind and gentle. He hasn't been as well cared for as Tamatchi.


A cute, rabbit-like Tamagotchi who first appeared on the original P1 Tamagotchi.

His birthday is November 23, the same day as the release of the original Tamagotchi toy.

His appearance has changed somewhat over the course of the series. He started out with a bigger body and smaller eyes, looking a bit more like Mimitchi than he currently does. He made his current appearance starting in the Tamagotchi Connection V3 and the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus.

He would later become one of the mascots of the series.


He worries a lot, and loves to sleep. He usually appears from above-average care. He also appears as a secret character in the US Mini.


Not to be confused with Masktchi from the Tamagotchi Connection V1! He's quiet, but very intelligent. On the P1, he could evolve into one of two secret characters. On the Japanese version, he could become Oyajitchi, while the English version could evolve into Bill.


My favorite Tamagotchi Character! He first appeared on the original P1 toy. His birthday is May 18th. He's gentle and nice, but isn't the fastest or smartest Tamagotchi.

He's become a series mascot, along with Mametchi and Memetchi.


He's the second least-healthy character of this release. He's hungry a lot, and often sick. His lifespan is short compared to some of the others.


The least-healthy character of this release. He's impatient and talks a lot. He likes to skateboard and tends to eat a lot, too. Tarakotchi has made appearances on most of the Tamagotchi Connection series, as well as on the Tama-Go.


Oyajitchi is the Japanese P1's secret character. In later releases, he would usually obtained by mating two Oldies. The resulting baby would grow directly into Oyajitchi after one hour. He loves alcohol and women.

An Oyajitchi once got the Tamagotchi Planet, a Tamagotchi itself, so drunk that it became inhospitable, forcing its inhabitants to flee. They crash-landed on earth, where a kind professor built the Tamagotchi devices for them to safely live until they could return home.

That's the little backstory behind the P1 and P2 Tamagotchi toys.


The secret character on the English P1. He looks a bit like Bill Clinton, hence the name. He has a secretive personality, but loves jazz and pop music. He also plays a saxophone.


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