Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tamagotchi Profiles: P2


She's a lot like Babytchi, but white in color. She was the female baby on the Tamagotchi Connection V1.


A child character that first appeared  on the P2. It's not as cheerful as Marutchi. It likes small spaces and looks a lot like Kinakomotchi.


A teen character from the P2. It's very active and likes to run. Its favorite hobby is making flower beds. It's a little spoiled, though, and needs lots of discipline.


A teen character that made its first appearance on the P2. He's a little slow in the morning thanks to his low blood-pressure. His beak isn't very strong, and sometimes gives him trouble with eating.


The healthiest adult on the P2. She was the mascot character for the series for a while. She's very smart, with an IQ of 200. Her ears are actually a hat, but no one knows what's really underneath.


It takes a lot of naps, and dreams of being a Kabuki actor. It likes ketchup and mayonnaise, and puts them on most of its foods.


He looks like a dog, and likes to drive. He sometimes acts like a dog too, but gets embarrassed when he's caught. In the second version of the Japanese P2, he was replaced with Nyatchi.


She likes to play with yarn, and loves to knit. She knits sweaters for her friends. Her body changes colors depending on her current mood.


He dreams of being a champion of justice. He's very mischievous and can be mean, however. If anyone besides him tries to remove his hat, a new one appears underneath.

He can evolve into a secret character on the P2.


She's a fan of heavy metal music and thinks very highly of herself. She can feed herself with chlorophyll, much like a plant, and likes being out in the sun.


The least-healthy adult on the P2. She likes to take hot baths. She can apparently see through the device on her head. She likes eating sushi.

Having so many legs doesn't make her any faster, unfortunately.


A secret character from the English P2. He likes to collect toys, and enjoys reading science fiction.


A secret character from the first version of the Japanese P2. He is good at fighting, and apparently fought in a war when he was younger.


A secret character from the second version of the Japanese P2. It loves to ride its bicycle. It takes bicycles that have been abandoned by their owners and fixes them up.


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