Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Top Ten Favorite Digimon

 I apologize for delay in posting, I've been wanting to do a review of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. ...40 hours in, though, and I'm only about halfway through the story, so a full review of it may take a bit longer. In the mean time, I wanted to post this, and at least share my thoughts on what I'd played of it so far.

Onto the countdown!


10. Digitamamon

A cute, egg-shaped Digimon. It has the potential to Digivolve into lots of interesting things, but I mostly like it for its shape.


9. Agumon (Black)
An Agumon that Digivolved to a virus type. I prefer this one to regular Agumon because I prefer the virus MetalGreymon, and find its colors a bit easier on the eyes.

8. Gatomon
A cute kitty, in Digimon-form! Fluffy and soft, and she appeared in both the first and second seasons of the Digimon anime.


7. Biyomon
A bird-Digimon that dreams of flying high in the sky. I always found the curly-bit on her head really appealing.


6. Lillymon
One of my favorite Ultimate forms from the first season! I always thought she looked like she'd be really fragrant.


5. Palmon
Just a bit more my favorite that Lillymon. I always really liked her face and her ivy-attacks.


4. Guilmon
One of my favorites from the third season. His voice was a little annoying, but he was still probably my favorite dragon-Digimon.

3. Motimon
Adorable and squishy, he can puff up his body when he gets upset.


2. Terriermon
I never really understood his name, since he looks so much more like a rabbit. Oh well. Rabbits are some of my favorite animals, and I love the way his ears fly behind him when he runs!

1. Yokomon
Leafy, curly, cute eyes, and no arms. All my favorite things in a Digimon! She might not be the biggest or strongest, but all of those traits lead her to being my favorite Digimon.


So that's been my list of favorite Digimon. For anyone else out there that enjoys Digimon, I'd really like to hear about your favorites. Feel free to leave comments below!


  1. Wizardmon is my favorite, and while in NYC I got to meet his voice actor years back. Who also voiced Lord Zedd from Power Rangers! It was really cool. He asked if I wanted to hear Wizardmons voice and I was like hell yeah! And the dude managed to get me in the feels.

    "Its been a long time, but I've finally found my digidestin partner, a pleasure to mee you, Joey."

    Best day of my life at that point!

    1. Oooh! That's really cool and exciting! *o*

      I'm pretty sure my Yokomon would turn into a Biyomon. And then a Cockatrimon. I've got a thing for chickens, they're one of my favorite animals.