Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus, or the UraTama as it is more commonly known, was released in Japan in 2006 and could be seen as a sequel to the previously released EnTama. The UraTama is comparable to the English Tamagotchi Connection V4.5.

One of the first things you probably notice upon turning it on is that the pixels are a nice, light blue color. Very relaxing, although a bit harder to see sometimes than the regular black ones. Not so much that it makes a huge difference, though.

Added to the status screen is a menu for your Tamagotchi's GUTS Points, which affect which character it will grow into. These points can be earned in a variety of ways.


The first way to earn GUTS Points is by playing one of the three games with it, the first game raising the first type of point and so on.

The first is a whack-a-mole type game, you use the left and right buttons to move your fan and the middle button to hit the things that pop out of the boxes. The goal is to hit the springy jack-in-the-boxes that pop up, but not the poop. Hitting that will end the game early.

In the second game, you choose which of three panels you think a jewel is hidden behind. If you guess correctly, you move onto the next round. If you guess incorrectly, it ends the game.

The last game is a brick-breaking game. There's a power meter at the bottom that fills up, you have to try and stop it using the middle button when it's as high as you can get it. The power requirement to break the bricks gets higher with each level.

The next way to get these points is though different teachers that come to your Tama starting at the child growth-stage. The one it has as a child helps it sing a little song. The one it goes to as a teen actually has you playing a little game where you choose between one of three panels. One has a GUTS points symbol under it, and if you choose the right one, your Tamagotchi gets to keep the points.

There are separate babies for each GUTS Points family. Each family has a certain set of Tamagotchis it can grow into, and which it grows into are decided by these points.

In the V4.5, you would choose when your Tamagotchi went to school and when you went to the shop. In the UraTama, however, you don't have as much control. The teachers and a shopkeeper come to you at certain times throughout the day, so you have to be on the lookout for that. The shopkeeper only sells one item at a time.

The UraTama's growth times are a little longer as well, since you have to spend so much time building up points so that it can get a good career. It reminds me a little of the long-lived vintage models rather than those of the Tamagotchi Connection and Plus era.

The V4.5 had you playing a mini-game at the job, but the UraTama doesn't include that.

One feature that wasn't carried over to the V4.5, however, was cooking. Sometimes, the shopkeeper will sell ingredients for cooking your own food. If they have the same GUTS symbol, they can be combined together, and you may end up with a new food item. Since you can't really control what the shopkeeper decides to sell at that time, it can take a while to build up enough ingredients to try cooking with.

I really like the blue pixels. They can be a little hard to see sometimes, but I like how it tries to mimic the blue 'glow' of the UraTama characters.

The sound seems a little more high-pitched than the EnTama and the English versions, but not enough to be irritating. Almost makes it a little musical.

I know some people weren't fond of the antennas Bandai used for the EnTama/UraTama and V4/V4.5, but I really liked them; I found them adorable.

The UraTama seems to be more common than the V4.5 at the moment, so if you have any interest in playing with one from this line, I'd suggest the UraTama. The differently-colored pixels and the cooking are features you don't get to see in many other Tamagotchi versions.

It's one I'd suggest getting if you have the chance.


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