Tamagotchi Chibi and Tamagotchi Mini

This is a little look at these simplistic pets.

Gudetama Tamagotchi

Taking a look at the recently released Tamagotchi x Gudetama crossover.

Digimon Games - Part One

Diving into some obscure Digimon games.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Taking a look at the Android/iOS Harvest Moon title.

Digimon World Championship

Not quite Digimon World fun.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tamagotchi Collection

My current collection of Tamagotchis, from top to bottom and left to right:

Vintage Series
Umi no, Osutchi, Mesutchi, Angel, Mothra, Genjintch, Mori no, TamaOtch, Devil, P2

P's, M!x, and Plus Series
Pierces, P's, M!x, EnTama, UraTama, Akai

Connection Series:
V1, V2, V3, V4, V4, V.5, V5, V5.5, V6

Tamago, Mini, Connection V4, and Gotchi Figures

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pocket Neopets Standard Edition

The Pocket Neopet was a virtual pet released around 2003. The character you raised was based off of Neopets you could create on the Neopets website at the time.

There were several different standard editions that came with one pet each.


Each version came with a 3D figure of the pet featured in that version, which could be stood up using the little holes in the terrain at the top of the toy. The figure could also be used to press the quick-access buttons on the main unit.

You'd start off by naming your pet, deciding what it likes to do, and how it greets others. This doesn't really seem to have an affect on anything, just adds a bit of flavor and makes it more similar to the regular website.

The 'goal' of the game was to unlock trophies gotten by beating the highest level of each of the games. These harder levels would slowly be unlocked as you earned points from beating the easier ones. There were three different games that could be played for points three times a day, and one game that could be played for points as many times as you wanted.


The first game was Techo Says. Press the buttons in the order they appear on screen.

The second game was Negg Drop. Sacks filled with neggs will fall from the top of the screen, and you have to use the left and right buttons to catch them in your basket at the bottom. Catching a checkered one will cause all of the sacks to fall faster, but catching a black one will cause your score to go back to zero.

The third game was Poogle Race. Alternate between pressing the left and right buttons to get your Poogle to run and cross the finish line first.

The last game was Scorchy Slots. Press a button to spin the slots. If at least two out of three icons matched, you would be awarded points based on the shapes that were matched.


There was a pretty big variety of items you could buy from the three different shops. The first and probably most important was the food shop. Your pet needed to be fed at three specific times throughout the day. The food shop would sell three different items a day, based on food items you could get on the main site.

There was also a toy shop where you could buy toys for your pet to play with. They could be used up to three times before disappearing.

The last shop was the Petpet shop, where you could buy Petpets for your pet. These Petpets could be used more times before disappearing if they were freshly bought. Trying to use an older Petpet multiple times would have it disappear sooner.


Your pet would sometimes get sick, and you'd need to take it to the hospital where you could buy medicine depending on what disease it caught.

Your pet had happiness, intelligence, and health levels, which could be raised by feeding it on time, playing with it, and giving it toys and Petpets.

If you didn't take good care of your pet, you'd be greeted with a screen showing it packing up and walking into the sunset. You'd have to start over at this point.

The goal of the game was to get first-place trophies in all of the games but Scorchy Slots, which had no trophy or different levels. Doing so would give you a rare item code that could be redeemed on the main Neopets site. Unfortunately, these codes are currently no longer redeemable.


There were a lot of different cute animations on this virtual pet, which was nice to see. I felt like it kind of focused on the games aspect more than the pet itself. It becomes weirdly needy after a while. I found it hard to feed it on time, and it just seemed to get harder and harder to do so. Sometimes its stats seem to drop for no apparent reason.

It did come with an alarm feature that you could set a message into, and a battery door close/open option on the back of the toy. Not things I'm gonna use a lot, but it was nice to see. This pet also let you set the date, so sometimes events and things would happen based on this.

It had some unique features, and it's one that's fun to play with for a while, but eventually gets kind of tedious and hard for no apparent reason. It's especially disappointing that the codes that you'd get from it can no longer be redeemed. Ultimately, it's not one I'd highly suggest.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pokémon Art Dump

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tamagotchi Wishlist

I doubt I'll ever obtain most of these but it's fun just planning and thinking about, even if I never end up getting any of them.


  • P1
  • CD-ROM


Vintage Series
  • Arukotch
  • Santaclautchi
  • Mechagotch
  • Mezamatch
  • Yasashii

Plus Series 

  • Hanerutchi 1
  • Hanerutchi 2
  • Ketai Kaitsu
  • Oden-Kun 
  • Plus
  • Suku 
  • TamagoChu
  • Tamagotchi Restaurant
  • TamaWalkie
  • Deka Tamagotchi 
  • TamaFure
  • Tamagotchi Kakeibo 
  • Tamagotchi iD Station

Modern Series
  • +Color
  • iD
  • iD L
  • Nano
  • 4U/4U+ 

Tamagotchi Chibi - Tamagotchi Mini

This release was known as the Tamagotchi Chibi in Japan and the Tamagotchi Mini in the United States. It was released in both regions in 2005. The one pictured here is a Chibi.


It is a very small Tamagotchi, only a fraction the size of the previously released Connections.

Rather than having menus like a standard Tamagotchi, its buttons are now context sensitive. If the Tamagotchi needs something and you press the right button, it will play a short little animation to let you know.

The left button lets you interact with the pet. If it's hungry or needs a snack to make it happy, the button will bring up the food menu. This button is also used to bring up the menu for turning the light on and off when it goes to sleep and for flushing the screen.

There's no game in this version.


After hatching, it is already in the child stage. After 24 hours, it will turn into an adult based on the care it was given.

With good care, it lives for about two weeks.

The Chibi and Mini feature different secret characters. The adult characters have the possibility of turning into a secret character after about a week of play. The healthiest adult character, the rabbit Mametchi, can turn into Super Unchi-Kun in the Chibi, and Ginjirotchi in the Mini.

There was also a special 'Good Luck' edition of the Chibi that featured a different secret character.


Bandai is re-releasing the Chibi in April 2017 for the 20th anniversary of the Tamagotchi brand.

The Chibi and Mini are very bare-bones. They're more like interactive keychains than virtual pets. Still, they're really cute and don't take up much space at all. They're also really good if you don't have a lot of time and space but still want to care for a Tamagotchi. If you've got more time, though, you may want to look into a more interactive version.

Tamagotchi Connection V2

The Tamagotchi Connection V2 was released in the US in 2005 as a sequel to the Tamagotchi Connection V1. It had the same basic features as the V1, but included more characters, different games, and a newly added shop.


Most of the menus worked the same way as they did in the V1, but the status menu now featured an area to show how many points you'd gathered from playing games.

The food menu also featured a new section below the snack and meal choices, treats. The one-time use food items you bought from the shop would appear under here. Treats could fill up your Tamagotchi's hunger or happiness meters more than regular food or snacks would. Each character also had a favorite and least favorite food item.


There were four different games that were unlocked as the Tamagotchi aged. Once it died or a new generation started, the games would have to be unlocked again. Besides just raising happiness and lowering weight, the games would now also give out points depending on how well you did in them, with a perfect game resulting in the highest payout.

The first game is Jump. Three circles with white centers appear at the top of the screen. They will turn black one-by-one, and you have to hit the corresponding button on your toy. The faster you press the buttons when they appear, the farther your Tamagotchi will jump.

The next game is Bump. A meter will fill up above your Tamagotchi, and you have to press a button when the meter is as high as possible. Your Tamagotchi will then fight with another as they try to knock each other down.

The next game is Heading. You have to use the left and right buttons to move your character between the left, right, and middle spots at the bottom of the screen. Balls will fall down from the top, ad you have to use the middle button to make your Tamagotchi jump and hit them back up.

The last game is a slot machine. Press the buttons to stop the corresponding reels. Circles and triangles will earn you points, but try not to stop them on the x's.


The points you earn from games can be used to buy items in the shop, which is accessed under the play menu. From here, you can buy new food or items for your Tamagotchi to play with.

The V2 could connect with either the V1 or other V2s.


The shop is very nice. Having the option to let your pet play with more items and being able to give it treats is nice. The games are a little hard, and the payout isn't super-high, so taking full advantage of the shop can sometimes be a little hard, though.

It's a fairly hardy pet, and not too hard to raise. It's one that's good if you're looking for one with a few more features than the V1 or vintage models, but don't want one that's too complex.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


This is an interesting one, pretty unique for the vintage Tamagotchi models.

The TamaOtch was released in Japan in 1998. It was based off of the comedian and actress Tamao Nakamura. It even has a character based on her appearance.

The goal of this one is to raise it to be a good performer. It's got a motion and sound sensor like some of the other vintage models, but it's a little more sensitive. It's possible to activate it even by making loud noises near the toy.

At the start, you get to choose between three different styles of eggs. This might have some effect on the character your pet grows into, but I'm not entirely sure about this.

The Status screen now has an extra bar besides just the one for discipline, now it has one for its acting training as well. This gets filled up as it successfully completes the training mini games.

There's an extra option under the food menu, one for giving your Tamagotchi fan-letters when it's feeling sad. This can help cheer it up.

The game is a slot machine. You press the left button to stop the left reel, and so on. I find this really hard to win, and the acting games lower its weight, so I find it easier just to feed it snacks to make it happy.

The last option at the top is the acting mini-game menu. There are three different things your Tamagotchi can practice here. The first is ad-lib, the second is dancing, and the third is acting. They all contribute to filling up the acting meter, and all play the same, so it really seems to just depend on which animations you like the best.

Each one has three rounds. You press the left or middle buttons to make your Tamagotchi to perform a move. You do this three times a round, and then it tries to copy the moves you told it to do. It always gets the first two right, it's the third you really need to look for. When it gets them right, tap the side of the toy or make a loud noise near it to praise it. When it gets it wrong, press the left button to let it know. It has to correctly complete at least two of the three rounds to win.

The toilet icon can be used to flush the screen even if your Tamagotchi has gone to sleep. This is pretty helpful.

The growth pattern on this one is a little odd. Some characters are shared between growth stages. One one, you may end up with a certain character during the toddler stage, and running it a second time, you may end up with the same character as a teen instead.

It greets you with a message flashing on the screen when it wakes up. Sometimes it seems to get stuck flashing this over and over though, which means constant beeping. I find it's easiest just to keep the sound off with this one.

Sometimes forgets who you are and greets you with a different message. You can tap the side of the toy to help remind it of who you are. You can also tap it when you have to give it medicine which seems to make it happier.

The TamaOtch is an interesting Tamagotchi. It's a little bit needy, but not too bad. If you have the time to check on it a couple times throughout the day, it should be fine. I don't find the characters super-interesting until it hits the adult stage. They aren't super-animated, and a lot of them repeat through the different growth stages. It's a little more rare than some of the other vintage models, but if you're able to find one and have time to experiment with the different eggs and training, it could be a really fun one to play with.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dungeons and Dragons - Favorite Warlock Spells

The Warlock is my favorite class to play as in Dungeons and Dragons. As a primarily magic-using class, it has all kinds of spells at its disposal.

The downside to this is that Warlocks can only use a very limited number of spells at a time before having to rest to use them again, so knowing which ones you like to use the most are important.

These are my top ten Warlock-class spells and cantrips.


10. Hold Person
The target has to make a Wisdom Saving Throw, or be paralyzed for the duration of the spell.

I figure the squishier classes like Warlocks probably shouldn't be on their own in a situation where using a spell like this should really come up, there should be others around that could more easily and physically take care of things like that.

Still, it can be useful in certain situations, like if maybe you're on your own and want to subdue someone without getting too close or accidentally killing them.

9. Spider Climb
This spell lets a creature crawl on walls and ceilings and across other surfaces, and even lets it leave its hands free.

While I like it, I find its only really useful until you're able to get the Fly spell.

8. Remove Curse
As the name implies, it allows you to remove a curse from an object or creature.

It could be useful depending on the kind of game you're playing, I myself just don't end up running across a lot of cursed objects or people, so I don't find myself taking it much.

7. Poison Spray
The name's a little deceptive; the spell doesn't really spray poison, but creates a cloud of gas that flies towards the target. It's not super-versatile like some of the other spells, but I like having a non-Eldritch Blast cantrip just in case that doesn't work against my particular opponent.

6. Invisibility
You can probably come up with a lot of different uses for this spell. It lasts up to an hour, and can be cast on multiple creatures at higher levels.

I like this spell, I just don't feel like I get to use it a lot.

5. Comprehend Languages
Quite versatile, it allows you to understand spoken languages and read written ones, even if you don't actually know the language. It doesn't decode secret messages or things like that, it has to be an actual language.

It's nice to have. Using it requires a spell slot, but it's quite helpful if your party's known languages aren't very diverse.

4. Hellish Rebuke
This spell lets you use a reaction to taking damage to damage the creature that damaged you. It has a range of 60 feet, but unless you're facing something with lots of long-ranged attacks, that should be more than enough to hit whatever just damaged you.

As  a magic user, you might not have as much health as some of the tougher classes. If something gets close enough to damage you, it's nice having this spell to damage it and either take it out or soften it up enough for whoever attacks it next to prevent you from taking more damage than necessary.

3. Fly
There's very little I find better than flight, even if it's only temporary. It lasts for ten minutes, gives you a flight speed of 60 feet, and lets you cast it on multiple creatures at once at higher levels.

It would be higher, but you can't get it right away, unlike cantrips, and using it still takes some of your limited spell slots, so you can't just use it repeatedly. Still, it can be game-breaking when used correctly.

2. Mage Hand
Endlessly useful for all kinds of tasks, this cantrip instantly produces a magically floating hand with a range of 30 feet. It can only lift up to ten pounds and disappears if it moves outside its range, but it's excellent for pulling up small objects, potentially-trapped chests from farther away than normal, and other tasks that you'd prefer to stay away from while completing.

1. Eldritch Blast
A very important spell for Warlocks, this can become a very powerful spell. At first, it only shoots a single beam. At higher levels, however, it can shoot multiple beams, each separate one doing a d10 of damage. These beams can be directed at the same or multiple targets.

As a Warlock, once you reach level 2, you can start taking invocations that can change the way your spells or abilities work, or give you new ones entirely. Several of these specifically power up Eldritch Blast. You could potentially have an Eldritch Blast with a reach of 300 feet, with the ability to push back those hit, and your character's Charisma modifier added to the damage.

This can potentially become an extremely powerful spell with many different uses in combat. I think this versatility and power is why it's my favorite.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke - 3 - Hi, Dad

In the last update, I caught some new Pokémon, trained a whole lot, and made it all the way to my dad's gym! Time to find out what's inside.
Badges: 0
Current Location: Petalburg City

Well, we just kinda left the Pokémon to do all the work for us...

Hopefully better. Sorry, but I'm aspiring for a little higher than Gym Leader.
Might as well dream big!

Who're you?
I'm not really sure this is a Gym Leader's jurisdiction, but...

Oh, okay.

Fair enough.
Living in a world like this, it's probably best to keep one for your own safety, anyway.

Aww, that's nice.

Wait, what? I mean, I was kinda here to visit you, but...

How can you live in this world and not know that?
Are you sure you should be going out on your own?

The first time's always a little startling, but don't worry, you'll get used to it.

Ralts on your first try? Nice.

Yup. Now let's head back before we run into anything stronger.

Sure, no problem!

Have fun with your new Pokémon!


I was here more to visit than to battle, anyway, but if I'm getting in the way here...

Hm? Looking for an experienced trainer? I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that yet.
A new route and more areas to look for new Pokémon. I hope I find something good!

Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke - 2 - Catching Spree

Last time, I made it up to getting a Pokédex and Pokéballs. Let's see where we get this time!
Badges: 0
Current Location: Littleroot Town

Even more free stuff?!
Running shoes? Why can't I just run with my current shoes...?
Maybe they're high-heels? Oh well. I can move faster now!

I headed up last time, so I guess I'll head this way.

Better look around here for some Pokémon~

 Great! My first catch!

Oh, I forgot to look down here.
Wonder what I'll find.

A Wurmple! Cool!

And a Zigzagoon, too!
 My team's really shaping up now! Time for some training!

The first casualty. Goodnight, sweet Flower.

Maybe it's time for some trainer battles now.

Alright! Go, Dan! You can do it!

Yeah! We won our first real battle!

Berry plants everywhere! Free stuff is the best.

Looks like I finally made it to Petalburg.
I wonder if my dad's finished setting up his gym?

Here it is. Guess it's time to head inside.

Part 1
Part 3