Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pocket Neopets Standard Edition

The Pocket Neopet was a virtual pet released around 2003. The character you raised was based off of Neopets you could create on the Neopets website at the time.

There were several different standard editions that came with one pet each.


Each version came with a 3D figure of the pet featured in that version, which could be stood up using the little holes in the terrain at the top of the toy. The figure could also be used to press the quick-access buttons on the main unit.

You'd start off by naming your pet, deciding what it likes to do, and how it greets others. This doesn't really seem to have an affect on anything, just adds a bit of flavor and makes it more similar to the regular website.

The 'goal' of the game was to unlock trophies gotten by beating the highest level of each of the games. These harder levels would slowly be unlocked as you earned points from beating the easier ones. There were three different games that could be played for points three times a day, and one game that could be played for points as many times as you wanted.


The first game was Techo Says. Press the buttons in the order they appear on screen.

The second game was Negg Drop. Sacks filled with neggs will fall from the top of the screen, and you have to use the left and right buttons to catch them in your basket at the bottom. Catching a checkered one will cause all of the sacks to fall faster, but catching a black one will cause your score to go back to zero.

The third game was Poogle Race. Alternate between pressing the left and right buttons to get your Poogle to run and cross the finish line first.

The last game was Scorchy Slots. Press a button to spin the slots. If at least two out of three icons matched, you would be awarded points based on the shapes that were matched.


There was a pretty big variety of items you could buy from the three different shops. The first and probably most important was the food shop. Your pet needed to be fed at three specific times throughout the day. The food shop would sell three different items a day, based on food items you could get on the main site.

There was also a toy shop where you could buy toys for your pet to play with. They could be used up to three times before disappearing.

The last shop was the Petpet shop, where you could buy Petpets for your pet. These Petpets could be used more times before disappearing if they were freshly bought. Trying to use an older Petpet multiple times would have it disappear sooner.


Your pet would sometimes get sick, and you'd need to take it to the hospital where you could buy medicine depending on what disease it caught.

Your pet had happiness, intelligence, and health levels, which could be raised by feeding it on time, playing with it, and giving it toys and Petpets.

If you didn't take good care of your pet, you'd be greeted with a screen showing it packing up and walking into the sunset. You'd have to start over at this point.

The goal of the game was to get first-place trophies in all of the games but Scorchy Slots, which had no trophy or different levels. Doing so would give you a rare item code that could be redeemed on the main Neopets site. Unfortunately, these codes are currently no longer redeemable.


There were a lot of different cute animations on this virtual pet, which was nice to see. I felt like it kind of focused on the games aspect more than the pet itself. It becomes weirdly needy after a while. I found it hard to feed it on time, and it just seemed to get harder and harder to do so. Sometimes its stats seem to drop for no apparent reason.

It did come with an alarm feature that you could set a message into, and a battery door close/open option on the back of the toy. Not things I'm gonna use a lot, but it was nice to see. This pet also let you set the date, so sometimes events and things would happen based on this.

It had some unique features, and it's one that's fun to play with for a while, but eventually gets kind of tedious and hard for no apparent reason. It's especially disappointing that the codes that you'd get from it can no longer be redeemed. Ultimately, it's not one I'd highly suggest.


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