Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tamagotchi Connection V2

The Tamagotchi Connection V2 was released in the US in 2005 as a sequel to the Tamagotchi Connection V1. It had the same basic features as the V1, but included more characters, different games, and a newly added shop.


Most of the menus worked the same way as they did in the V1, but the status menu now featured an area to show how many points you'd gathered from playing games.

The food menu also featured a new section below the snack and meal choices, treats. The one-time use food items you bought from the shop would appear under here. Treats could fill up your Tamagotchi's hunger or happiness meters more than regular food or snacks would. Each character also had a favorite and least favorite food item.


There were four different games that were unlocked as the Tamagotchi aged. Once it died or a new generation started, the games would have to be unlocked again. Besides just raising happiness and lowering weight, the games would now also give out points depending on how well you did in them, with a perfect game resulting in the highest payout.

The first game is Jump. Three circles with white centers appear at the top of the screen. They will turn black one-by-one, and you have to hit the corresponding button on your toy. The faster you press the buttons when they appear, the farther your Tamagotchi will jump.

The next game is Bump. A meter will fill up above your Tamagotchi, and you have to press a button when the meter is as high as possible. Your Tamagotchi will then fight with another as they try to knock each other down.

The next game is Heading. You have to use the left and right buttons to move your character between the left, right, and middle spots at the bottom of the screen. Balls will fall down from the top, ad you have to use the middle button to make your Tamagotchi jump and hit them back up.

The last game is a slot machine. Press the buttons to stop the corresponding reels. Circles and triangles will earn you points, but try not to stop them on the x's.


The points you earn from games can be used to buy items in the shop, which is accessed under the play menu. From here, you can buy new food or items for your Tamagotchi to play with.

The V2 could connect with either the V1 or other V2s.


The shop is very nice. Having the option to let your pet play with more items and being able to give it treats is nice. The games are a little hard, and the payout isn't super-high, so taking full advantage of the shop can sometimes be a little hard, though.

It's a fairly hardy pet, and not too hard to raise. It's one that's good if you're looking for one with a few more features than the V1 or vintage models, but don't want one that's too complex.


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