Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tamagotchi V4.5

The Tamagotchi Connection V4.5 was released after the V4 as an updated form of that version. It was based on the V4 as well as the Japanese UraTama.


The status screen has an area for displaying how many skill points your character has gotten.


You can receive mail, which replaced the light icon. There are three types of mail you can get.

You can get fortunes, which give you one to three stars in three different areas: Gotchi Points, Love, and Skills. Three stars is a good fortune, and will give positive results in that category. Your Tamagotchi can earn more Gotchi Points or skill points after games, or become friendly with the Tamagotchis it connects with more quickly.

The next type of mail you can receive are letters. It shows a little animation based on what you got in the letter, if you got presents or points from the king, got a random gift, or were visited by a thief who steals your points.

The last kind of mail you can get is probably the most important. This last category is for when your Tamagotchi reaches important milestones, which allow it to go to preschool, school, and finally to work. It will get this mail when it reaches certain ages.


There are five different non-work mini-games you can play.

The first is Climb. Clouds float by above your Tamagotchi, and you have to press a button to make it jump up onto them. The get faster and smaller as it goes on, so it gets harder to properly land without missing.

The next game is Tug of War. Press a button when a meter at the top of the screen fills up so your Tamagotchi can win a game of tug-of-war against its opponent. It takes a couple times of doing this to win a round, and there are several rounds to go through. This game can last a while.

Apple is the next game. Apples fall from the top of the screen on the left and right sides, and you have to hold the left or right buttons to help your Tamagotchi to move its bucket to catch them.

The next game is Shapes. Despite the name, it's different from the V4 Shape game. You're given three shapes at the bottom, a square, a circle, and a triangle. These same shapes will fall down from the top in different orders. You have to press two of the buttons at the same time to switch the corresponding shapes at the bottom so that they match the pattern of falling shapes.

The last game is Manhole. You're given three manholes, and items like points, hearts, and snakes will pop out of them. You have to press the buttons to close up the corresponding manholes just before the good things land on top of them. Try to catch the hearts and points, but don't grab any snakes!


This version keeps the school and work options from the V4, but it includes different jobs than the V4 had. Under the connection menu is the option 'Work.' Select this to send your Tamagotchi to preschool, school, or to work once accepted.

When it goes to preschool, your Tamagotchi will try to sing a song with its teacher. Sometimes it gets it right, and sometimes it gets it wrong. I haven't really been able to tell if this has any effect of its skill points or not.

When it first gets accepted to school, you can use the left button to scroll between three different teachers. Each one provides a different skill point. You play a mini-game with this one to earn some skill points, but its pretty simple. A skill point is hidden in a present box, which is then shuffled around with two others. It moves slowly, and is pretty easy to keep track of.

The place your Tamagotchi can go to with this option is its job. Before it can go to work, it has to be accepted at a job. You'll eventually receive an important letter once your adult character is old enough. You'll be brought to TamaTown where you'll be able to scroll between several different job locations. Not all of the job choices will show up at one time.

When you see a place you like the looks of, press the middle button to select it. Three judges will appear. If they all give your Tamagotchi an O, it'll get the job. If any of them give it an X, you'll have
to choose a different job. Having higher skill points gives you a higher chance of getting a job. If you aren't able to get a job with this round, you'll be sent another letter giving you a chance soon. This gives you a chance to build up your skill points before trying again.

Each job has a mini-game. The more times you play it in a day, the more Gotchi Points you'll recieve in your paycheck when you go to work the next day. Some jobs always seem to payout more than others, though.

If your Tamagotchi lives long enough, it'll sometimes get more job offers, meaning it can have multiple jobs in its lifetime

If your Tamagotchi becomes an oldie, the king will come and give it a cane. Rather than going to work, they'll walk past the different locations until they get to where they last worked. They'll stop and look at it a little sadly. Looks like they've had to retire.


This Tamagotchi featured some of the Ura Characters found on the Japanese UraTama, though it uses the standard black pixels instead of the blue ones the UraTama used. It was nice to see these characters outside of a Japanese release. I absolutely love UraVioletchi, and wish she could have more appearances.


It has the same issue as the V4, it's hard to build up skill points without playing a lot of games with it. If you have the time to do this, it's a lot of fun, but it can be hard to get different characters or good jobs otherwise.


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