Monday, February 20, 2017

Angelgotchi Log

This is a log I started up at the same time I started up the most recent time I powered up my Angelgotchi. It's a little log of my day-to-day experiences with it, seeing what it does and what characters it grows into. I plan on updating it each day I play with my angel. 

 Day 1

I started up my Angelgotchi today at about 9:22 p.m.

I turned it on, set the time, and in just a few minutes had turned into the baby Obaketchi. I really have to say, the Angelgotchi characters are so cute.

I don't think he seemed as needy as most baby Tamagotchis, a welcome relief after playing with the Umi no and the Genjintch.

He needed food and the game played with him a few times, but not too much. Two bats tried to come up and steal his candy hearts, but I quickly put a stop to that.

He took a quick nap, but was soon up and ready to play again.

At around 10:30 p.m., he changed into Maruten and fell asleep right afterwards. He uses a little cloud for a bed, how cute!

I didn't get to play with him for long since I started him so late, but we're sure to spend a lot more time together over the next week.

Day 2

Maruten woke up at 8:00 today; I wasn't up until a little later, so he was a little hungry and unhappy when I got to him. I fed him and played the game with him, and filled his Angel Meter points to this stage's current max of 50. I'm hoping for a Chestnut Angel.

He did a good deed at some point, but I missed it because I was eating lunch at the time.


He ended up doing several more good deeds throughout the day, but I ended up missing all of them due to being in class. I feel kinda bad, but I guess this will let me see if good care and Tenshi Power or the Good Deeds Meter play a bigger part into whether or not he becomes a healthy character.


I played with little Maruten a few times and fed him some candy to keep up his Tenshi Power, but it wasn't long before he fell asleep. I was hoping he'd call for me some so I'd have the chance to praise him before he woke up tomorrow.

 Day 3

 Little Maruten grew into Kodoten upon waking up. So it seems like the actual care given and the Tenshi points are more important than the Good Deeds Meter, at least when it comes to its growth into the teen stage.

He's quite cute, looks a lot the same as Maruten, a chubby little blob with a wings and halo, but now he has tiny arms and legs.

I'll keep him out during my morning class to see if he calls for praise.


He didn't call at all during my class, probably because I was watching for it. But he did call sometime during the ten minute it took me to walk from my first class back to my dorm room. Of course, the only time he's been in my pocket all day would be the first time he does it all day.


He hasn't called for me any more today. He's been more quiet than Maruten was. He mostly just floats back and forth a lot, but he's so adorable as he does it. I haven't yet caught him taking any walks yet, though I've read they do it more frequently as they grow older.

I fed him up, raised his TP, and played with him to max out his happiness.

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Day 4
 I woke up at about 10:00 to find Kodoten had evolved into Kuriten, the Chestnut Angel! He's so cute, with more separation between his body and head, and a cute little swirly-looking hair.

I also finally caught him doing a good deed. The screen was all sparkly and cute, and I was able to praise him in time.


He hasn't needed much attention today, I've only had to feed him and play with him a few times. His TP now maxes out at 70, so it takes a while for that to fall to lower levels, as well.

I'm hoping if I continue to take good care of him, he'll turn into the secret Twin Angel character before he returns to the Angel Capital. I'm not really sure how long it'll take for that to happen, though. The angel grows to a new for almost every day, but I don't quite know how it works for the secret characters.

I'll just keep trying to take good care of him and hope for the best.

Day 5
I've been busy with school work recently, so I haven't had the time to update this log as much as I would've liked. Sorry about that.
Today passed pretty quietly, Kuriten didn't need too much care. He's started beeping when he does good deeds, so I'm actually able to catch him now.
He's started doing more of them as an adult than he did as a teen and child, too.
Not much longer before I learn if he'll turn into a secret character or not.
Day 6
Kuriten quietly changed into Futagotenshi this morning, the Twin Angels. They're so cute floating around the screen together, and when the get happy, they look like the Smiling Angel secret character from the English Tamagotchi Angel.
It looks like their growth is over until they returns to the Tamagotchi Angel Capital, so I'll be ending this particular log until that point. Now it's just a goal of taking care of them the best I can so they stay with me as long as possible.


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