Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thoughts on the Tamagotchi P2

This Tamagotchi is pretty cute. It doesn't contain a massive amount of characters, but I'm fond of the ones it does contain- particularly Mimitchi, who looks like a long-eared rabbit.

I wish it contained Kutchipatchi, since he's my absolute favorite Tamagotchi character, but he was found in the P1 version instead.

It's a little slow-moving, and I think that's compounded by the icons being in a different order than in future releases. The status icon being all the way on the bottom row is what bothers me about this the most. It's so hard to get to when all I want to do is check how hungry and happy my little pet is.

It's a bit bare-bones compared to future releases, but it's fun to play when I'm looking for an older version that isn't too loud or demanding.

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