Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The Tamagotchi Angel or Angelgotchi was released in 1997 in Japan and the rest of the world in 1998. It features cute, angel-themed characters and can be seen as the counterpart of the rare Devilgotchi toy.

When you start up the Tamagotchi, the first thing you probably notice is the unique way it starts up. Rather than beginning life as an egg, it starts off at the death screen of the original Tamagotchis, the ghost and grave for the Japanese versions, and the UFO from the English versions.

After a few minutes, the screen starts flashing, and soon your new friend appears on-screen.


The baby Tamagotchi angel doesn't seem quite as needy as other baby-stage Tamagotchis. It's really quite cute, looking like a little ghost/angel hybrid.

The weight on the status screen has been replaced with a Tenshi/Angel Power level, which can be increased by feeding your pet its snack or praising it when it does good deeds, which replaces the normal discipline option. In the earlier stages, it won't beep for praise, so you have to be on the lookout.

The Angelgotchi, like several other vintage Tamagotchis, comes equipped with a touch sensor. Sometimes when you go to feed your little angel its snack, a bat will come up and try to steal it. Tap on the side of the toy to scare the bats away and let your Tamagotchi keep eating.

Your Angelgotchi will sometimes go on walks. When this happens, you can call it back by highlighting the Praise icon and tapping on the screen or side of the toy.

The game it features is pretty fun. Your angel floats at the left side of the screen, and stars start flying in from the right. As soon as you see a star come on-screen, press the left or middle buttons to make it jump over the star. Jump over at least three of five to win.


The beep on this one is a little quiet; if you're not listening for it or it's tucked away in a bag, you might not hear it. It's a pretty quiet toy and doesn't beep for attention too much.

One nice thing about it is that it changes forms almost every day, though it might take a bit longer for the adult characters to change into the secret characters.

It's important to remember to not turn the lights off on this one unless the Tamagotchi is asleep. Doing so can make it sick or even immediately kill it.

The endings differ depending on whether you're playing with the Japanese or English versions.

The bad ending on the Japanese version features your angel turning into a Deviltchi, and the English version shows it turning into a black egg. Neither of these can be played with any longer while in this form, and the unit has to be reset at this point by holding the left and right buttons.

The good endings for both versions show your Tamagotchi looking sad and then show a little shape floating into the sky. The Japanese version follows this up with a 'Thank You' screen, while the English version displays a starry night sky.


This is a quiet and easy-to-raise Tamagotchi. It doesn't beep for praise until later stages, so it may be hard to catch it when it needs praising unless you're able to actively check on it every once in a while.

It changes pretty quickly compared to other vintage Tamagotchi models, making it fun to experiment with how care affects the growth.

Unopened Japanese models are relatively inexpensive, with the English models being a bit more rare and costing a bit more.

It's a very fun version to play with, and one I'd highly to anyone with a desire to collect or play with vintage Tamagotchis.

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  1. Devil Tamas are the devil! I like these angel tamas though. If I had more free time I'd collect Tamagotchi too! But I will enjoy reading about them for now. :)

    1. Aww, thanks! It's really nice to get support and comments from readers! :)