Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tamagotchi Music Star

The Tamagotchi Music Star- also called the Tamagotchi Connection V6- was released in 2008 in the US and 2009 in other regions. This version was never released in Japan.

The goal of this version was to raise your Tamagotchi to be a famous musician in a band.


When your Tamagotchi hatches, it's given a toy and an instrument. Other toys and instruments can be acquired as you play.

It can play with its toy to lower stress, or practice its instrument to raise skill points.


The status menu works a lot like that of previous versions, but now also displays your character's skill points and their stress level.

Your Tamagotchi has three categories of points that are raised by playing games or going to school. These help determine whether your Tamagotchi will have a successful band or not.

Stress is now a factor that has to be taken care of. It can go from zero to 99. If it maxes out at 99, your Tamagotchi may refuse to practice or play games. You'll have to work on lowering it before it will do anything else.

Doing things like practicing its instrument or going to work or school can raise stress.

Playing with its toy will help lower stress, but it may also lower its skill points. You have to work on balancing it out with its instrument practice.


From the start, you have an unlimited supply of a single kind of food and snack. These will only fill all of the hungry and happy hearts when your character is at the baby or child stage. When at the teen or adult stage, these food items will only fill up half of the hearts before they stop. To fill up more, you'll have to buy food or snacks from the shop.


There are three games that can be played at any time.

Sing a Song raises the Tone skill. In this game, a series of notes are played, and you have to press the corresponding buttons to play the tune back correctly.

Music Notes raises the Rhythm skill. Different music notes will fall from the top of the screen. You have to scroll through the different available notes with the left button, and press the middle button to play the note you've selected. Play the notes that are closest to the bottom to make them disappear.

Sound Block raises the Original skill. Blocks will appear on screen. Numbers are on the blocks, and will count down until they disappear when they hit zero. You have to use the buttons to jump between the blocks to stay on screen until the goal block appears.


Your Tamagotchi can attend preschool, school, and practice with its band or get a part-time job once it leaves school.

When your Tamagotchi becomes a child, it will be invited to preschool. This is a jump-rope game. Just press the middle button to jump over the rope as it comes around.

When it becomes a teen, it will be invited to school. You'll be able to name your band at this point. You can have your Tamagotchi practice with its band. A note will appear above each character in the band. You have to press the button that corresponds to that character so it can play its part.

When playing with adult characters, three lines of notes will move across the screen. You have to press the correct button once the notes move into the right space.


When you first select the 'away' option under the connection menu after your character changes into an adult, you'll meet up with your band members, who will grow into adults as well. You will then be rated by a panel of judges. If all of the judges give an 'o', your Tamagotchi's band will pass and get a record deal. If any of them give an 'x', however, your Tamagotchi's band will only be able to give street performances until it passes the next time the band is brought before the judges.

The band will get three chances a day.


After your Tamagotchi has gotten a record deal, they will receive a paycheck every day.

When you go to the time screen, this screen will now also display how many fans your band has gotten as well as its overall ranking. The ranking can range from 999th to 1st. Giving performances every day will help to raise the ranking.

There are several different genres that your band can fall under. When you get to the highest band rank with a genre, you will receive an award. Nothing seems to happen if you get the award for each genre, but it's fun to try for, anyway.


This Tamagotchi is fun to play with, but it's pretty complex compared to some of the previous versions. With the added stress component and the regular food only filling up a couple of hearts, it can be a little needy, too. If you have plenty of time to dedicate to it it's a lot of fun, but if not, I'd really suggest looking at other versions before this one.


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