Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wawu Frog

This seems to work like a standard Tamagotchi, but with frog-themed characters.


The first option is for feeding. You can give your frog some sort of meat-type food or candy.

The next option is for the light. Turn this off when your pet frog goes to sleep.

The game is the next option. It's the standard left-right guessing game. Press the left button if you think your frog will look left and the middle button if you think it will look right. Get at least three out of five guesses right to win.

The next option is for medicine. Use this if your frog gets sick.

If your frog makes a mess, use the next option. It will flush the screen and make it nice and clean again.

The next option is the health meter. Here you can see your frog's age and weight, its discipline, hunger, and happiness levels.

Discipline your frog by using the next option. You should do this when your pet calls for you even though it doesn't need anything.

The last icon can't be selected by you, but will light up when your frog needs something.


I wasn't overly impressed by this one. The buttons weren't super-responsive, and more importantly,
the pixels were so faint I could barely see them. I tried out two of them, but had the same problems with both.

The characters were cute, but not super-unique. I don't really see a reason for choosing this one over other available virtual pets, especially with the issues I had with it.

Play with a regular Tamagotchi if you're looking for a Tamagotchi-style pet, or get a Super-Gyaoppi or Giga Pet Frog if you're looking for something frog-based.


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