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Tamagotchi Connection V5 Celebrity

The Tamagotchi V5 Celebrity - also known as the Dream Royal Family Tamagotchi Plus in the Japanese release - was released in 2008. It was an updated version of the Tamagotchi Connection V5, with a celebrity and royal touches added in.

Like the original V5, it allowed you to raise a family of Tamagotchis instead of just raising one at a time.


When you first start it up, you'll have three eggs. On generations after this, you'll get between one and three eggs when your adult Tamagotchis mate.

Family bonding affects what characters your Tamagotchis will grow into, but there are fewer 'Pure' Families in this release; the ones from the original V5 were replaced by the Royal Family.

At set times during the day, your Tamagotchi family will call for your attention. The discipline button has been replaced with a button to answer this call. They will ask for your help deciding on one of three items to use. The items vary between calls. Answering these calls will help to raise the bonding level, but missing the calls will lower it.

There are more items in the V5C than in the regular V5, but they still have the same basic functions.

Some items you can buy from the TV Shopping channel will also raise bonding by a small bit.

Having a high bonding level makes them more likely to grow into adults from the Royal Family.


The family you start out with will be a 'Mixed' Family, but this can change depending on the bonding level and items used, who your Tamagotchis marry, and the care you give them.

There are few ways to get the Royal Family.

All require the family bonding level to be at 100%.

If you have the female characters Rosetchi or Princess Tamako, they will need to marry Prince Tamahiko. If you get the male character Prince Tamahiko, he needs to marry Rosetchi.


There are a few other families that can be obtained through neglect.

The Pudding Family is obtained through overfeeding your family too many times.

The Model Family is obtained by missing calls for empty hunger hearts too many times.

The Papara Family is obtained by missing calls for empty happiness hearts too many times.


 The first icon is the status screen. It will show your family's name, the names of your characters, your family's hunger and happiness, their bonding level and family type, and the number of points you've earned.

The next icon is for food and snacks. Foods and snacks that you've bought on the shopping channel will be kept here.

The next icon is the toilet. Use this to clean the screen when your characters make a mess, or when they need to use the toilet.

The next icon is for games.


There are six games to play in the V5C. Two of these are unlocked during the second generation and later. Unlike the standard V5, the games can be played with any of the siblings. It will switch which character you are playing with each time you choose a game.

The first game is Tama Fans. Your Tamagotchi will sign autographs from characters that come up to it. You need to press the left and middle buttons, depending on what side the fan comes up on. Sometimes, they will bring up bees instead; don't sign these!

The second game is Pool Play. Your Tamagotchi stands on the left side of the screen, and tubes will float by in a pool on the right side. Press the middle button to make your Tamagotchi jump onto the tube. You have to time your jumps carefully so that you don't miss.

The third game is Tennis. You have to see where the ball is coming from. If it's going to the top of the screen, press and hold the left button to have your Tamagotchi move up. If it's going to the bottom, press and hold the middle button to have your Tamagotchi move down. The next part is what I find the hardest: when the ball comes close enough, press the button on the right to hit the ball back.

The fourth game, the last you one you can play in the first generation, is Safe Box. You have to match the numbers shown above the box in order to open it. Press the left button to change the left number, and the middle button to change the number on the right. Press the button on the right to submit your number set.

The next two games can only be played in the second generation and on.

The first is Cue Ball, which is played with the father. Watch the cue stick, and press the middle button at the right time to hit the balls.

The second is Jewels, which is played with the mother. A jewel will be covered up, then mixed around with some others. Press the left button to select which one you think the jewel is under, and press the middle button to confirm your choice.


The last icon on the top is for connecting to other Tamagotchis and for getting codes to connect to the computer when the TamaTown website was running.


A couple times a day, your family will call for you. When this happens, scroll down to the leftmost icon on the bottom of the screen. Then decide what item to have them play with. All will help to raise the family bonding level. Missing this call will lower the level, however.

There are a few sets of items that can be used, and their position determines what affect they will have on your family's growth.

Items on the left side will help them grow into Sociable characters, items in the middle will help them grow into Active characters, and items on the right will help them grow into Artistic characters. This - along with the family bonding level they are at before changing - will help determine what adult characters your family will grow into.


Medicine, items, souvenirs, and special items are stored in the chest icon, the second icon on the bottom.

The V5C has a shopping channel, dating channel, and travel channel all in one place, under the middle icon on the bottom screen.

The shopping channel works like the shop from previous Tamagotchi versions. Four items are sold at a time. Exiting and re-entering the shopping channel will change the items that are being sold.

The dating channel can be used 48 hours after your characters become adults. It can be used three times a day. Choose which of your Tamagotchis you want to get married. Scroll through them with the left button, and confirm your selection with the middle button. The Matchmaker will then offer you a partner. Choose yes to have your Tamagotchi marry them, choose no if you want to try again. The partner offered will be different each time. The character that gets married will leave its siblings to start its own family.

The last channel is the travel channel. This works like the pause function on previous Tamagotchis. Your family won't need any care while they're here, but they won't grow.


The next-to-last icon on the bottom shows your friends list and history and friends list. This shows Tamagotchis that you raised in the past and the friends you've connected with.

The last icon is the attention icon. You can't select it, but it will light up when your family needs something.


I really enjoyed this one, probably more than the original V5. It has more games and little features that just make it even more enjoyable. I think the V5C games are more fun. The names of the foods and snacks are also displayed under the food menu after you buy them, which was strangely left out of the original V5.

I really like the shell designs, too. I was particularly impressed by the one I got; I was expecting a plain white, but it turned out to be a pearly pink!

I miss all the pure families that were in the original V5, and I think the characters in that one were cuter in general. Still, I think the V5C is just a little more fun to play with, even if it isn't quite as cute.

If you're looking for more of the 'classic' characters, though, you may want to go with the original V5.

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