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Tamagotchi Connection V5

The Tamagotchi Connection V5- also called the Tamagotchi Familtchi- was released in late 2007 in Japan and early 2008 for the rest of the world.

It has a larger screen that the previous Connection models, making extra space to hold more characters on screen at a time.

The physical shell design differed somewhat between regions, but the one pictured here was the US version.


When you first start it up, you'll have three eggs. On generations after this, you'll get between one and three eggs when your adult Tamagotchis mate.

A big part of this Tamagotchi release is family bonding. There is now a screen on the status menu where you can see your family's bonding level. It is shown as a percentage that rises by 10's. The lowest it can be is zero, and the highest it can be is 100. This level also affects what animation is shown when you press the right button.

At set times during the day, your Tamagotchi family will call for your attention. The discipline button has been replaced with a button to answer this call. They will ask for your help deciding on one of three items to use. The items vary between calls. Answering these calls will help to raise the bonding level, but missing the calls will lower it.

The bonding level can also be raised by using certain items that are bought from the TV shopping channel.

The first item will make them more likely to grow into smart-family characters, the second item will help them grow into cheerful-family characters, and the third item is for easygoing-family characters.

Upon marrying, adult characters will transform into 'parent' characters, which vary depending on what family the character falls under.


The family you get at the start will be shown as a 'mixed family' under the status menu. By getting certain characters and marrying them to their counterparts while the family bonding level is at 100%, you can create 'pure families,' however.

Allowing your own Mametchi to marry a Chantotchi, the Mame Family will be created.

If you let your Memetchi marry a Mumutchi, the Meme Family will be created.

Letting your Kuchipatchi marry a Yonepatchi will create the Kuchipa Family.

Finally, allowing your Violetchi marry Sukatchi will result in the Violet Family.


There are a few other pure families, but they're obtained by various forms of neglect. If your family transforms into one of these, there are items that you can use to change them back.

The Large Family is created by overfeeding your Tamagotchi a number of times. This can be reversed by feeding them the Balance Biscuit or using the Mirror item.

The Small Family is created by missing too many hunger calls. This one is reversed by feeding them Milk or using the Magnifying Glass item.

The Ninja Family is created by missing too many happy calls. Change them back by feeding them a Steamed Bun or using the Whistler item.


Some characters will also transform into others when certain items are used on them. Feeding a Hatsugatchi Sesame Pudding will transform it into  KuroMametchi. Watatchi will transform into Makiko if you use the Girl's Dresser item.


There are four games that can be played. They are all played with the oldest child. The last two games can only be access on the second generation or later.

The first is TV Surfing. The oldest child will scroll through channels, each featuring a certain character. You're given a specific character at the top, and you have to use the left or right button to stop it on a specific channel. Try to stop it when the characters are matching.

The second game is Tea Time. You have to use the left and middle buttons to pour tea. Only pour when the glasses are sitting upright! You can just pour in the left, just the right, both, or neither.

Starting on the secound generation, you can play Golf Putt and Shoe Pairs.

Golf Putt is played with the oldest child and the father character. An arrow appears under a golf ball, and you have to press the left or right buttons in order to stop it under the ball. Fully completing this game can increase your family's bonding level.

The last game is Shoe Pairs, and is played with the mother character and the oldest child. You are shown a shoe, and other shoes will scroll by at the bottom. There is a little gap that you have to get the matching shoe through to form a pair. Press the left or middle buttons to stop the scrolling and raise up the shoe that's under the gap. Fully completing this game can increase your family's bonding level.


A new icon included on the V5 was the television icon. There is shopping channel, a dating channel, and a travel channel.

The shopping channel works like the shop from previous versions. You can buy food and items for your family here. You have an unlimited supply of whatever kind of food you buy, so you only need to buy each one once.

The dating channel is how your Tamagotchis get married if you aren't able to connect with another. You can access it 48 hours after your family become adults, and you can access it up to three times a day. You choose which character you want to get married, and the Matchmaker presents you with an option. If you don't like them, you can turn them down and try again. If you choose to accept, though, your Tamagotchi will leave with their new mate, leaving behind their siblings to start a family of their own.

The last channel is the travel channel. It functions like the pause feature of previous Connection models.


This was pretty fun to play with. It was really cute to see so many character on the screen at a time, and to see them eating and playing with items together.

The games don't payout very much, so it can take a while to save up points for new items and food.

After having played with both the V5 and the V5 Celebrity, however, I'd probably choose the Celebrity over this one. It's got more games and features than the V5, and I liked that the Celebrity included the Royal Tamagotchi family, even if it no longer includes some of the other pure families

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