Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tamagotchi Connection V3

The Tamagotchi Connection V3 was released in 2006. It took a lot of features from the V2 and further refined them. It was the first Tamagotchi release to use the TamaTown website.

Physically, it's not too different from the previous versions, but it does feature a cute little antenna now. The start-up is very similar to the previous release, but you are now prompted to enter a username.

 It features different characters than the V2. It has one more than the V2 had, for a total of 52 characters.

The status menu now features an extra screen for viewing your selected username. This username would be used when connecting to TamaTown.


There are four different food options that you have an unlimited supply of, and four different snacks that work the same way. The 'treats' you buy for your Tamagotchi are now stored under food or snack, depending on which category they fall under. Each character has different favorite and least favorite food options which have different effects on their hunger and happiness than regular foods.


There are six different games that are unlocked as the character ages, Get ♪, Bump, Flag, Heading, Memory, and Sprint. Playing them raises your pet's happiness and earns points that can be spent in the shop.

In Get ♪, you have to use the left and right buttons to move a cup and catch musical notes as they fall from the top of the screen. Poop also falls, however, and catching that or missing a not will end the game early.

Bump works much the same as in the V2, use a button to stop a meter that appears at the top of the screen when it's as filled up with black as possible. This gives your Tamagotchi the best chance of winning.

In Flag, your Tamagotchi will hold up two flags. Arrows will appear at the top of the screen, and you have to press the left and right buttons to raise the correctly colored flag. The arrows may change what side they appear on, and fake arrows may also appear. It's a game you really have to pay attention during in order to complete.

The Heading game is another that works much like it did in the V2. Use the left and right buttons to move your character, and use the middle buttons to make it jump and hit the balls that fall down from the top.

Memory is pretty simple, just use the buttons to repeat the pattern that you're shown.

The last game is Sprint. Repeatedly mash the buttons to help your Tamagotchi run quickly and cross the finish line first.


The shop restocks with food and items several times a day. You can play with them or feed them to your own Tamagotchi, or share them with others by giving them away as a present through infrared connection.


The biggest new feature with this Tamagotchi was the ability to connect to the TamaTown website. By doing so, you could play with your pet online and earn points and items that you could bring back to your toy.

You could also earn souvenirs here. There were 32 different souvenirs to collect. They didn't really have an effect in-game, but they were cute to look at.

Unfortunately, the site has not been active since 2013, so it's no longer possible to use this part of the Tamagotchi. Unless you're really into collecting all the souvenirs, it doesn't really change the way the V3 functions otherwise. All of the other functions are perfectly intact, and other items are possible to get through normal game-play.


This is a pretty fun one, one of my favorites. It's simple, but a little more refined than the V2 was.

That one of the main draws is no longer available is a little disappointing, but it was more of a supplement to the Tamagotchi than something totally necessary. 

If you have the chance and want to play with one that isn't too needy or complicated, I'd suggest giving the V3 a try.


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