Monday, April 24, 2017


This is a cute, penguin-themed virtual pet. It runs a lot like the Gyaoppi.

It's very cute, and the screen is right up against the shell rather than being set deeper in. It's nice, and makes it easier to see. It's also got a nice, round shell that comes in several different colors.


The first icon lets you feed your pet. There are two different foods and a drink for you to choose between.

The next icon is the first game. You press the left or middle buttons to help your penguin pull a fish out of the water with a rod. The timing on this is a little hard to get right.

The next icon is for medicine. Use this if your penguin gets sick.

The discipline icon is next. Use this if your penguin gets angry for no reason.

The last icon on the top is for the second game. Your penguin can't play this until it's about three days old. You press the correct button to help it kick a ball.


The first icon on the bottom shows you his happiness.

The next icon is the toilet, use it if your penguin makes a mess.

The next icon is the status menu. The first page shows you his age and weight. The second shows you his hunger, snack, and what looks like his drink levels. It works a lot like a Gyaoppi in this regard. The next page shows you his discipline level. The next screen shows you his sleep level.

The last icon on the bottom puts your pet to sleep. It sleeps in a little refrigerator! Very, very cute!


The buttons are a hard plastic rather than being the normal rubbery type that most virtual pets like this had. They don't feel bad to press, but they aren't super-responsive in my experience. You might have to press them a little harder than you would normally press others of this kind.

Between the shape and the penguin characters, it's one of the cuter non-Tamagotchi virtual pets I've seen. The buttons make it a little frustrating to work with, though. If you're looking for a penguin-themed pet, I'd probably suggest the Yuki Penguin or the 9-in-1 Gyaoppi over this one.


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