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Truly the crown jewel of my collection.


The Debirutch no Tamagotch, also called the Devilgotchi, was a Japan-exclusive, released in 1998. A cellphone version was released in Europe in 2006, though it was renamed Tamagotchi Monster.

This one's pretty unique and could be seen as a counterpart to the Angelgotchi.


When you first start it up and set the time, a bat will start flying around on-screen, and your new Devilgotchi will soon appear.

The weight has been replaced with a 'DP' or 'Devil Power' meter. It goes up over time. You need to prevent it from getting over 90, or risk getting a bad end and having the game end early.

When the devil does bad deeds, it needs to  be scolded with the discipline icon. This looks like a little angel in this version. Very cute.


Beyond just the normal discipline calls, there are other bad things your Devilgotchi can do. This can include pretending to sleep in the middle of the game, pretending to eat its snack, throwing its meals back at you, or refusing to let you clean the screen or look at the status meter. You know when it needs to be scolded because the screen will flash black with the character turning white. Scolding it when it does these things will lower its DP.

The medicine icon has been replaced with a handshake icon. Sometimes your pet will call for attention, but instead of turning the screen black, it'll look at you while smiling and wiggling its arms. This means it's looking for a handshake. Doing this will can lower its DP or raise its happiness.


The game in this one is pretty fun. The Devilgotchi bounces along the bottom of the screen from left to right. You have to press the left and middle buttons in order to drop a star. You have to try and land it on or close to your pet. I find it seems to work best if you wait until your little devil bounces off one of the sides and then press the button for the opposite side.

You get four tries per game. You need at least three to win, but getting all four will raise its happiness by two points instead of just one. A much appreciated feature!


Unlike the Angelgotchi, this one evolves very slowly. It's long-lived, and if you're going for a secret character, can take more than two weeks for it to reach its final form.

There are two ways for the game to end. Allowing the DP to stay over 90 for two long will result in a bad ending. If your Tamagotchi is able to live a long life, it will return to the Devil World instead. When this happens, you'll see it looking sadly at the screen before it returns. After that, you'll see 'Good Friend' come up on the screen.

On a cute little side note, the angel-like secret character that comes from DevilMametchi- KuriDevitchi- is actually escorted home to the Angel Capital by two Angelgotchi instead.


The Devilgotchi doesn't have the little delay between pressing the button and the toy actually reacting that the P1, P2, and Angelgotchi had. It moves nice and quickly, and the buttons feel very nice to press.

The sound on this one is pretty much the opposite of the Angelgotchi's. rather than being cute, soft, and hard to miss, this one is very, very loud. This is possibly one of the loudest virtual pets I've played with. It also has an odd buzzing sound to it that I've never heard with a Tamagotchi before. It's a little strange at first, but it's quite fitting for a devil.

This is important to remember if you go to bed early. This Tamagotchi has certain events that happen throughout the day, including bats flying across the screen, setting off fireworks late at night, dancing to music, and more. If you're a light sleeper, there's a chance this may end up waking you up, so try not to forget to turn off the sound before bed. 


Upon getting it, the Devilgotchi quickly became a favorite of mine. It's got cute, devil-themed characters, a nice shell, and it's packed with little features and quirks that make it one of the most unique vintage Tamagotchis.

The downside to it, however, is its rarity. It was only released in Japan, and not a whole lot were produced. It's one of the most sought-after Tamagotchis, and also one of the most expensive. The price will probably keep most people away, but if you're ever able to find a good deal, I'd highly suggest picking one up.

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