Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dinkie Dino and RakuRaku DinoKun

The Dinkie Dino/RakuRaku DinoKun came out sometime a little after the original Tamagotchis. I like that this one was trying to be more of its own thing than straight up copying the Tamagotchi design.

The Japanese and English ones are pretty much identical besides the name on the top of the toy and
the opening. The Japanese version shows a cute little hatching egg, while the English version seems to show a sort of explosion.


The icons go up and downs the sides of this one. The left-arrow scrolls through the ones on the left, while the right-arrow does the same for the ones on the right.

The first icon on the left is for giving your Dino a drink.

The next one is for feeding. There are lots of different foods you can feed your Dino, and what you feed it will influence its growth.

The icon after that is for the light. Turn this off when your Dino goes to sleep.

The next is for discipline. Sometimes your Dino gets angry for no reason. You have to discipline it when this happens. This also helps to make it smarter.

The last icon on this side is the status menu. The first screen shows how happy your Dino is, with several different faces for different happiness levels. The next screen shows how smart your Dino is. The highest it can go is A+.


The next screen shows the weight and how old your pet is. The weight doesn't go up with feeding like on a Tamagotchi. Instead, it seems to go up with how well it's taken care of. As long as you take good care of it and keep its stats up, it's weight should keep increasing. This is important for its growth.

The weight seems to be important to its growth. It seems to grow when it wakes up when its weight exceeds a certain amount. I'm not quite sure what it takes to get to each stage, though.

The next screen shows how hungry it is, and the next shows how thirsty it is.

The last screen shows the temperature. You want to try and keep this around 25 degrees Celsius.


The first icon on the right is for the game. It's a rock-paper-scissors type game, where you have to use the arrows to select one of three different hands. The goal of this one is actually to let your pet win, rather than you winning. Even if it loses, it seems a little happier just for you having played with it.

The next icon is for studying. It makes your Dino smarter! I'm not quite sure what this does, though it might help your Dino's overall health and weight.

The next icon is for the bath. Sometimes, your Dino gets dirty, which is displayed as it flashing between black and white. Give it a shower to clean it up!

The next icon is for the AC. Turn it on to slowly decrees the temperature, and turn it off to slowly increase it. Your Dino might get sick or unhappy if it gets too cold or hot, so try and keep it around 25 degrees Celsius.

The last icon is for medicine. Sometimes your Dino gets sick, and needs help to get better.


I really like this one. The pixels are a little bigger than those on Tamagotchis, so the characters are a little more simple and don't move around quite as much. Still, they're very, very cute.

The sound on this one was very nice. It's very musical, and a very 'sweet' sounding pet. If you like the way it sounds, it's the kind of sound that just makes you want to care for it.

It's not too needy. It beeps occasionally, but doesn't need an overwhelming amount of care to keep it happy and healthy. If you're looking for a cute virtual pet that doesn't take too much work, I'd really suggest trying this one out.


  1. Dinkie Dino is the best name for a dino, probably in all history of dino names, ever.

    1. And besides that, it's cute and squishy-looking and smiles a lot! It's one of my favorites!