Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tamagotchi P1

The P1 was the very first Tamagotchi ever released. It came out in 1996 in Japan and 1997 in the US, and is the one that sparked the virtual pet craze of the time.


The icons are laid out similarly to the P2. It's a bit different from the later releases. Meal, light, game, medicine, cleaning, status menu, discipline, and attention can all be found here.

The meal is a bowl of rice in the Japanese version, bread in the English version, and the snack in both is a piece of candy.

The game is a simple left-right game. You press the left button if you think your Tamagotchi will look left, and the middle button if you think it will look right. Get at least three out of five guesses right to win. Press the right button to close out the game and get back to the main screen.

There are ten regular characters, and one secret character. This character varies between the Japanese and the English versions.


This is a nice little version. It's simple and a little slow moving, but it's fun to see where it all began. It's not too needy or demanding, and the featured characters are cute. It's a fun one to play with, and not too rare or expensive.

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