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Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2

Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2 was a sequel to the original Tamagotchi Game Boy game. It was a Japan exclusive, released in 1997.

It features characters that would later be used for the Mori no and Umi no Tamagotchi releases.


This one features two modes, as opposed to the single mode of the first game.

The first mode lets you wander around the little world as Mikachu, where you can find Tamagotchi eggs. You can keep one forest Tamagotchi and one ocean Tamagotchi at one time, for a total of two pets.

You can visit other houses, which include your own and Professor Banzo's laboratory. You seem to be able to freeze hatched Tamagotchis here and store them for a later date.

There are a couple things you can do back at your own house.

This is where you access your two tanks for storing your Tamagotchis. You can also speed up time by pressing A at your clock. Once you get far enough, you can even access a sound test where you can listen to the game's music.

The second mode is where most of the game-play takes place, where you take care of your new pets.


This works a lot like playing with a regular Tamagotchi, but with some expanded options.

You can name your pets in this one, much like in the first Tamagotchi Game Boy game.

There are three different foods you can feed your Tamagotchi, and two different snacks. Each character has different foods that they dislike.

Sometimes rocks will fall down from the top of your pets' tanks. When you see this about to happen, you have to quickly press the B button to warn your Tamagotchi so it can jump out of the way in time. If you don't, your Tamagotchi will get hurt.


There are three different games you can play with your Tamagotchi.

The first is a guessing game. You are shown twelve different panels. Move your character over a panel and press the A button. You can find blank spaces, hearts, or skulls. Find enough hearts to win.

The next game is a math game. You help your Tamagotchi solve math equations. There are three different levels. Get enough right to

The last game is a catching game. Bubbles or flowers will appear, depending on whether you're playing with a forest or ocean Tamagotchi. You have to use the control pad to hop around the screen and catch them before they disappear.


From here, you just play with your Tamagotchi and play game with it to raise its stats so it can compete in contests as an adult. You can continue to play with your Tamagotchi until it gets too old or is left sick for too long, which will cause it to return to the Tamagotchi Planet or die. Then you can raise a new character.

It's an interesting game. It was fun to see characters that would eventually become the Mori no and Umi no characters on key-chain games. It's sort of hard if you don't know Japanese or your knowledge of it is very limited, though. It's cute, but personally, I'd stick to the key-chains.

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