Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Memetchi Figure

The Memetchi figure is pretty cute.

This one comes with a clothing shop! You can buy things like shirts, jeans, and even wedding clothes! When you use the items, it'll play a little animation of your character wearing the outfit. Hard to get much cuter than that!


Like with other figures, there are two games you can play.

The two in this one are Hit the Note and Panel Matching.

In Hit the Note, your Tamagotchi will run along the bottom of the screen on the left side. Notes come from the right side. You have to use the right and middle buttons to move the crosshairs up and down and the left button to shoot the notes as they come by. The button layout for this one's a little odd and takes some getting used to. Missing two notes ends the game early.

The second game, Panel Match, is like the shape game from the V4.5. You're given a circle, square,
and triangle at the bottom of the screen that correspond to the buttons they are above. Shapes fall down from the top, and you have to move the shapes at the bottom to match the pattern of falling shapes. For example, if the square was above the right button and the triangle above the left, you'd have to press those two buttons at the same time in order to swap the shapes at the bottom.


This figure's pretty fun, and I love the clothes you can buy. The games are kinda challenging, especially with the odd controls, but I find them both really fun to play. If you liked the clothing items from older Connection models, this is a figure I'd really suggest checking out.


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