Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pocket Pal Puppy - Cyber Dog

I wasn't too sure about this one looking at the packaging, but I was really curious. I'd seen this, a dinosaur, and alien versions floating around for a while. When I turned it on, I was pleasantly surprised- it turned out to be a Nano Puppy clone!


When you first turn it on and set the time, a little heart beats on the main screen before your puppy arrives. It's really animated; rather than just bouncing around the same screen, your puppy walks around a house with a few different backgrounds, and even goes to a fenced-in back yard. It's a really nice touch.

There are four buttons. The two buttons on the sides are for scrolling through icons and through selections. The middle button on the left, the enter button, is for confirming your selection. The middle button on the right, the mode button, is for cancelling out of menus.


The first icon is for feeding. You can choose between giving your puppy food or giving it a drink. There's no meter for thirstiness, but it still needs drinks sometimes to stay healthy.

The next icon is for the light. Turn it off at night when your puppy goes to sleep or if it decides to take a nap during the day.

The next icon is for playing games. There are two games to choose between.

Game I is the standard left-right guessing game. You have to press the left or right buttons to choose if you think your puppy will look left or right. Get at least three out of five right to win.

Game II starts off showing you a ball on either the left or right side of the screen. Depending on what side you see it on, you have to repeatedly press the left or right button to help it catch up.

The next icon is for medicine. Give this to your puppy if it gets sick.

The next icon is for cleaning. If your puppy makes a mess or gets dirty itself, this will clean it up.

The status menu is the next icon. This shows the age and weight and the discipline, hunger, and happiness levels.

The last icon is for discipline. This raises your puppy's discipline level.


I've been pretty happy with this one. The pixels are a little faint, but that seems to be standard with these clones. The sound is loud enough to hear without being irritating, and the buttons feel nice to press and are pretty responsive. If you're looking for a Nano without paying Nano prices, I'd suggest taking a look at this one.


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