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Tamagotchi m!x - Anniversary Version - Part One

This is one of my most favorite Tamagotchi versions. This version has a lot of text and menus, so I'm going to try and split this into two parts- an explanation for the different menus in the first, and my thoughts and feelings towards it in the second.


When you first start it up, you're asked to set the date and time, your birthday, and your name.

Your new Tamagotchi will soon hatch. It'll grow from a baby to a child in about an hour. From here,
it'll take about a day for it to grow into a teen, and another day after that before it becomes an adult.


The icon menu isn't constantly up like on most other Tamagotchis. Instead, it only comes up when you press the left button. This gives it a bigger display, so everything is bigger and brighter than on previous color models, and gives it a lot more room to move around.

Color models have a battery-saving function so the screen goes dark after a certain period of not playing with it. Just press any of the buttons to turn it back on.

Pressing the middle button when the screen is on will let your Tamagotchi go to the yard outside of its house. Pressing the middle button while it's outside will bring up the date and time screen. Pressing it again while on this screen will bring it back to the main menu.


The first choice on the option menu has two choices under it.

The first is the status menu, which has two screens. The first screen shows your name, your current Tamagotchi's name, and its gender. The second screen shows your Tamagotchi's happiness meter, its level of fullness, its age, the current generation, and your current number of points you've earned through playing games.

The second choice is the settings menu. There are four choices under this menu. The first choice is for changing the date and time. The second is for changing the screen's brightness level. The third is for turning the sound on and off. The final menu is for changing the icon menu background. You'll unlock these as you unlock new areas.


The second menu is for food. There are two options under here.

The first is for feeding your Tamagotchi either the food and snack you have an unlimited supply of, or the food you've bought at the stores.

The second option is for going to the restaurant. You can buy food and snacks for your Tamagotchi here, which will be eaten upon purchasing them. Sometimes other Tamagotchi characters from around the different towns will even come and join in.


The next menu is for the bathroom, which contains two options. The first is for the toilet, and the
second is for the bath.


 The fourth menu is for connecting. It has three options.

The first is for connecting with other Tamagotchi m!xes. From here, you can choose one of four different options. The first is for playing, the second is for fortune-telling, the third is for trading items, and the last is for proposing.

The second is for downloading files from IR devices.

The third is for connecting to a PC.


The last menu on the top is for family-related things. You won't really be able to use this until at least the second generation onward. It has three options.

The first is for sending your Tamagotchi to its parents' house. This is like pausing the older models. They'll take care of it for the day, but will send it home at night.

The second lets you view your Tamagotchis family tree. It can go back for several generations, but will eventually start to overwrite the old ones.

The last option shows you your Tamagotchi's family picture. It will show your current Tamagotchi's parents, and their grandparents on both sides.


The third option takes your Tamagotchi to the nearby town. There are two options under here.

The first option takes your Tamagotchi to the Tama Depa, where you can go shopping. There are two options under here.

The first is for shopping at the mall, which has a further four options under it.

The first choice lets you renovate your Tamagotchi's living room. The second lets you buy items for your Tamagotchi to play with or take to other towns. The third lets you buy accessories for your Tamagotchi to wear. The last option under here lets you buy rings for proposing to other Tamagotchis. You can only access this one once your Tamagotchi becomes an adult.

The second option under the Tama Depa lets you access the game room, where you can play one of two games to earn points to spend on items and other things at the Tama Depa.


The second option under the door icon takes your Tamagotchi to the nearby park. There are two options under here.

The first lets your Tamagotchi go to the town square. Here, different events can take place at different times throughout the day, like an item vendor coming by. Your Tamagotchi can also talk to other characters from past versions.

The second option sends your Tamagotchi to a playroom, where it will be taken care of for the day. It works like pausing it, though it will eventually be sent home.


The next icon lets your Tamagotchi go to the nearby towns and other areas. The available areas vary depending on the version of the m!x you're playing with.

You can do different things in the towns, like shopping for food, items, and accessories, visiting other Tamagotchi characters, and even playing different games in some of the towns.


The next icon is for the chest. This is where your items, accessories, and cleaning tools are stored. There are four options under here.

The first is for your items. This is where the items you buy at the various stores are sold.

The second is for accessories. You can dress up your Tamagotchi with the accessories and clothing you've bought under this menu.

The third is for cleaning. Sometimes your Tamagotchi's room will turn brown. This means it has gotten dirty, and you need to use this to clean it.

The last is for special items. Sometimes, you'll receive special items like coupons for discounts at stores or other unique items. This is where these will be stored.


The next icon is the diary. This is where the list of characters you've met and the photos your Tamagotchi has taken with its friends are stored.

The first option is for looking at the list of characters your Tamagotchi has met throughout the various towns. The colored stripe on the left side of this screen represents your Tamagotchi's level of friendship with that particular character.

I believe the second is a list of friends you've connected with, and options having to do with that such as viewing their Tamagotchi's family photo.

The third is for viewing photos that your Tamagotchi has taken with others.


The last option is a medicine chest. Use this if your Tamagotchi gets sick.

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